WAMA Organization for Development and Human Rights

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WAMA Organization for Development and Human Rights is a non-governmental non-profit organisation working for human rights in Yemen.
Last updated: July 2015

WAMA Organization for Development and Human Rights is a non-governmental non-profit organisation working for human rights in Yemen. It was founded by a group of volunteers and experienced elites in the field of development and human rights as well as a number of social figures and legal persons.



  • Strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors in the field of development and human rights work.
  • Enabling youth and women to receive their full rights in line with local laws and international conventions.
  • Promoting a culture of tolerance and brotherhood between members of society.
  • Rehabilitating and activating the role of youth and women to be leaders in the community.
  • Disseminating awareness of human rights and the culture of voluntary work amongst members of society.


In its various areas and fields of work, WAMA Organization seeks to work within the framework of an effective partnership with local and international organisations. It aims to activate the role of the community in building a modern civil state, including the rejection of racism and extremism by disseminating the principles of peace. It adheres to the principle of neutrality and non-alignment to any sect or any particular political party.

WAMA's work is based on transparency and discipline as well as the values ​​of teamwork to reach excellence in performance in all activities in accordance with institutional systems.


  • In cooperation with the Search for Common Ground Organisation in Yemen, WAMA implemented community outreach sessions on the democratic rule of law, equal citizenship, and gender mainstreaming within a project that covers the following 9 governorates; Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Ibb, Rimah, Hadramout, Marib, Hodeidah, and Hajjah.
  • A Cadre Organization Rehabilitation Program for the main administrative unit in the field of proposals, writing, administration, foundations of development and human rights work, secretarial work, archiving, and strategic planning.
  • WAMA participated in the coordination of a march which was attended by more than 300 younng people in the governorate of Ibb to demand the implementation of the national dialogue outputs.
  • Musical Operetta titled Intergenerational Dialogue; an awareness campaign on the New Constitution and the new proposed Federal System as well as the principles of good governance.
  • The organisation is working on a study regarding the rights of reparation for victims of human rights violations in periods of armed conflict and the war in the framework of the Yemeni laws and legislation as well as the international conventions and treaties.
  • WAMA Organization participated in the preparation cycle requirements to obtain the ISO certificate in collaboration with a Civil Enhancement Network. All the requirements of ISO certificate have been completed.

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