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We2Gether Creating Change works with people of all ages to give them the skills to have peace.
Last updated: January 2018

Our purpose is to inspire people in low income communities to create good lives and vibrant healthy communities. Our vision is that all residents in places where we work are happy, whole, and healthy.

Youth Programming

Pen(Penitentiary) Or Pencil® Initiative – for in school youth between the ages of 8 and 19 to stress the value of education and the avoidance of prison. Initiative includes civil rights history and relates issues of today with issues during the civil rights movement. 

Teen Self-emPOWERment Playshops – a Heal Your Life® program committed to inspiring teens to confidently recognize themselves as the wonderful, powerful and amazing human beings they are in a fun and interactive way. We nurture self-awareness in teens so that discovery of inner wisdom and POWER facilitates the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. These playshops also helps to build resilence.

$$$ For Your Thoughts – lighting the path to unlimited possibilities and inspiring youth to use their talents, skills, and passions to create a happy, healthy, and whole life.

2Youth Early Success (YES) – educate 1st through 6th grade children to read and maintain their health

Youth For Human Rights – raises the awareness and inspire young people to learn what human rights are, why they are important, and how youth can help make human rights a reality everywhere.

Discovering Skills, Gifts, and Talents – Delta, choirs, drama, dancers, arts and crafts, music, and academic bees and other competitions.

In School Programming

Mindfulness in Schools – a self-regulatory technique of Mindful Schools that increases students’ focus and concentration, self-awareness, and ability to control their impulses. Based on the experiences depicted in the film “Room to Breathe”, and independent academic studies, the mindfulness technique appears to have broad potential to significantly improve the students’ social interaction with peers and adults, to reduce bullying and violence, and to improve academic performance and graduation rates.

Adult Programming

Heal Your Life® Workshops – a powerful life changing workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay presented to heal the individual which is also the foundation for healing communities.

Inter-Generational Programming

Community-based Projects – residents design and launch community improvement project in their respective communities.

Leadership Training – releasing the leadership of youth and enhancing the leadership of non-traditional leaders and locally elected officials.

Community Engagement – community forums, storytelling, volunteerism, community coaching, community philanthropy, and circles of trust.

Racial Healing – using a combination of the Pen or Pencil® Initiative curriculum, Louise Hay’s philosophy, and the Heal Your Life® curriculum as a foundation for healing the effects of racism. Racial healing curriculum begins after the completion of the other two curricula.

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