Wedza Residents Development Initiative Trust (WERDIT)

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WERDIT works with the residents of Wedza in Zimbabwe to foster participatory democracy and development.
Last updated: April 2020

Wedza Residents Development Initiative Trust (WERDIT) is registered Community Based Organization operating in all the fifteen wards of Wedza district in Mashonaland East province.It seeks to promote the participation of residents of Wedza in decision making process, as well as putting the district on the spotlight to issues of investment, development and into issues of national importance. The organization works through its structures known as Community Advocacy Teams (CATs) which are ward based. The CATs are gender balanced and are constituted with diverse people including youths, People Living with Disabilities (PLDs) and interested groups in the district. WERDIT has a Memorandum of Understanding with Wedza Rural District Council to work on the following thematic areas:

1. Promoting the informed participation of residence in democracy and decision making issues.
2. Lobbying and Advocating duty bearers to be responsive to the concerns of residents in line with the constitution.
3. Promoting responsible citizenship amongst the residents of Wedza and exposing them to the issues of national importance.
4. Spearheading life skills and livelihoods programs as a way of empowering Wedza residents
5. Complementing the government in providing key development needs such as education and education.
Respect for human rights
Gender justice
Vision: To see the generality of residents in Wedza taking an active role in issues to do with democracy and governance.
Mission: To promote the genuine participation and empowerment of Wedza residents in determining their destiny
1. To empower the residents of Wedza to play a part in decision making in Wedza district
2. To promote accountability and transparency in the execution of constitutional duties by the authorities.
3. To put the district of Wedza on the spotlight, so that It has equal access to state resources and investment.


Current Programs
WERDIT is currently implementing a Peace Building and Conflict Management Project targeting all the 15 wards in the district. The project seeks to identify conflict areas in the district as well the conflicting groups, with the aim of finding community driven strategies to mitigate conflict.

WERDIT is also embarking on a service delivery project bringing together council/DAs office with residents to deliberate on local government and service delivery issues. To this end, it is envisaged that the project will contribute to;
• increased participation of local community members in local governance processes
• Enhanced dialogue amongst local government stakeholders on development and service delivery
• improved knowledge of councilors on their roles and responsibilities and;
• enhanced capacity and responsiveness of elected leaders and local authorities to address citizens developmental and service delivery needs




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