Women's Information Center (WIC)

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Women's Information Center (WIC) promotes the development of networks of women NGOs and supports the activities of women leaders.
Last updated: February 2018

Women's Information Center (WIC) promotes the development of networks of women NGOs and supports the activities of women leaders. In 2000 the Youth Group of the National Committee of Georgia and Helsinki Assembly of Citizens established an initiative group, which focused on gender issues, capacity building of women and protection of their rights. Having realised that there was no information center for women in Georgia, which would enhance their movements and empower them through capacity building, information dissemination, and communication technologies. Members of the initiative group thus decided to officially establish the Women's Information Center.

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In 2000, with support of OSCE/ODIHR, Women’s Information Center became a co-founder of Coalition of Women’s NGOs in Georgia and a member of international organisation “WAVE-Women against Violence Europe”, representing organisations in Georgia. In 2002 under the aegis of National Committee of Helsinki Citizens Council the initiative group has published the first directory of women’s organisations in the Southern Caucasus.

Since 2000 WIC has been monitoring the implementation of National Action Plans of Domestic Violence, UN Security Council Resolution 1325, Gender Equality and Trafficking as well as the implementation of Millennium Development Goals.

Today the Center is member of several national and international organisations, has close links with European organisations and closely cooperates with CSOs in Georgia. The Center is assisted by a team of international advisors. It also has a publishing house and a design studio.


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WIC is responsible for administering the women’s resource centre, which renders assistance directly to women NGOs, initiative groups and individual persons, as well as other civil society and international organisations. The resource centre is equipped with a library, complete with resources on women's rights and gender issues.

WIC has been administering the following web sites:

WIC established and administers activities of “Women paleographic services”, which is focused on capacity building of women and strengthening their role in the polygraphic and publishing spheres.

WIC is a representative of the network “Women against Violence in Europe (WAVE); representative of the network NEWW-Network of East - West Women in the Southern Caucasus and member of the network “European Center for Women and Technology”.

Women’s Information Center has implemented several peacebuilding activities, most recently through its “Women for Peace and Equality” Project. The project is carried out within the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. It entails the advocacy of problems (both national and local levels) of ethnic minority women and women affected by conflict (including displaced and current residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as well as adjacent territories), through the production of video rolls and the organisation of public meetings. The “single-window principle” used in the project, entails the solution of social, legal and economic problems of IDPs, with prompt and coordinated means that are based on gender and rights perspectives.

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