Women's League of Burma (WLB)

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WLB works to increase the participation of women in the struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma.
Last updated: December 2018

The Women’s League of Burma (WLB) was founded in 1999 as an umbrella organisation comprised of thirteen grassroots women’s organisations of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds from Burma (Myanmar).

WLB works to increase the participation of women in the struggle for democracy and human rights, to enhance the role of the women at a national and international level, including women’s involvement in the national reconciliation and development process and to build understanding about women’s participation among all nationals.

WLB’s has three focus areas and has developed several programmes to target each specifically. These programmes are the Peace and Reconciliation Programme, the Political Empowerment Programme and the Women Against Violence Programme.

Peace and Reconciliation Programme

For more than a decade the Peace and Reconciliation Programme has been a cornerstone of the WLB and works to eradicate conflict in Burma with a focus on including women in the negotiation and peace process.

The programme has been developed to include:

  • 51 yearly peace exchanges where women and men come together and discuss conflict and peacebuilding strategies in their communities;
  • A workshop with a Kachin ceasefire group facilitated by WLB;
  • Hundreds of grassroots training events and workshops;
  • Annual International Peace Day activities in 26 different locations; and
  • Publications calling for an end to violent conflict in Burma and increased participation of women in the peace building process.

Objectives of the peace programme

  • To build mutual trust, understanding and respect among the people of Burma towards national reconciliation;
  • For grassroots people to develop skills and experience in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and social justice initiatives; and
  • To have increased peace agents to educate the people of Burma.

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