Wujoh Foundation for Media and Development

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Wujoh Foundation for Media and Development is a civilian and non-profit organisation which aims to find a professional media that reflects issues of society and contributes to its development.
Last updated: July 2015

Wujoh Foundation for Media and Development is a civilian non-profit organisation founded in June 2012. The foundation aims to support the development of professional media that reflect on societal issues. It is interested in providing initiatives that support the independence of the media and assist Yemenis towards peace, including guarantees of freedom of opinion and expression.

yemen 3 Wujoh Foundation works for peace in Yemen, advocating the rights of women and children through a wide range of activities. Image credit: Wujoh Foundation

The foundation works to achieve the following goals:

  • Developing professional media that reflect on community issues.
  • Deepening the concepts of freedom and rights amongst society, and working to increase and entrench the culture of accepting others and highlighting positive phenomena.
  • Disseminating a culture of tolerance and love, and rejecting hatred, extremism, fanaticism and intolerance.
  • Supporting the protection and advocacy of women and children, and combating violence targeting them.
  • Promoting transparency to support individual, youth and community development initiatives to ensure the participation of citizens in decision-making.
  • Achieving the best forms of cooperation with local, regional, and international civil regional and international society organisations, and actively participating in its activities in line with the objectives of the foundation.


  • Media and human rights training.
  • Media monitoring of human rights violations against women and youth to enhance their rights.
  • Disseminating the values of tolerance and dialogue, and rejecting the culture of hatred and intolerance through awareness and implementation of the campaigns.
  • Supporting youth and local initiatives that aim to develop society, and promoting participation in order to bring about social peace.
  • Empowering young people to play an effective role in community and development processes, including monitoring related issues.
  • Delivering youth voices to decision-makers and relevant stakeholders.
  • Supporting the development of qualified media staff in the Yemeni media.
  • Monitoring violations against youth and women through the creation of a special observatory that contributes to reducing these violations and advocating rights
  • Involving citizens in public debates that create a state of acceptance of the views of others, and the alleviation of conflict.

Beneficiaries of the Foundation include those who participate in its peacebuilding training in conflict, negotiation, dialogue and facilitation. They are expected to number 50 in each province. Some 50,000 people are expected to be reached through publication in the media and implementation of campaigns for peacebuilding and conflict resolution in Yemen.

[more_info_box]For more information on Wujoh Foundation and its work, visit the following links: Sabanews Khabaragency Masdark facebook Honahadhramout Alsulta-alrabea Houdhod Adenalghad Althawranews[/more_info_box]

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