Youth Communication Center (YCC)

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YCC works strengthen civic engagement among young people in the Balkans through activities, such as education, advocacy, and peacebuilding.
Last updated: November 2017

Since 1997, the Youth Communication Center (YCC) has worked to strengthen civic engagement among young people. This mission is attained through a number of diverse activities, such as education, volunteering, advocacy, psychosocial and peacebuilding activities, and work with the media. A further mission of the organisation is the development and strengthening of democratic principals and values, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of young people.


YCC is to contribute to the development of a society of equal opportunities in which young people reach their potential.

Youth Communication Centre (YCC) is a non-profit organization based in Banja Luka, which operates in BiH and international level in order to develop civic activism. Educational, volunteering, advocacy, media, psychosocial and peace-building activities and the development of democracy contribute to improving the quality of life of young people and the development of a society of equal opportunities.

Strategic goals for period 2015 – 2019

  1. To improve existing programmes and establish new projects and/or activities within these programmes;
  2. To strengthen OKC capacities;
  3. To establish system of long-life learning for employes;
  4. To strengthen organisational financial capacities;
  5. To put in practical implementation communication strategy.

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