Yemen Center For Human Rights Studies

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Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies is an organisation which works for human rights, democracy and the development of civil society in Yemen.
Last updated: July 2015

Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies is an organisation which seeks to spread a culture of human rights, strengthen democracy and the development of civil society in Yemen, and confront extremism, terrorism and corruption. It was founded in 2004 to support good government and build a modern democratic civil state in Yemen. The objectives of the Center are to:

  • Spread a culture of human rights and the democracy and development of Yemeni society.
  • Strengthen the role and contribution of women in political and public life.
  • Give attention to youth causes and support their initiatives.
  • Combat corruption.
  • Support peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Main activities

The Yemen Center for Human Right Studies carries out a variety of activities:

  • Implementing projects in infrastructure and social services.
  • Organising training courses on issues related to the objectives of the Center.
  • Organising publicity and press campaigns on issues related to the Center's programmes and activities.
  • Working on issues related to the social, economic and cultural rights of citizens, with relevant government and popular authorities.
  • Conducting field studies and research.
  • Sponsoring and supporting issues of the male and the female youths and students through a forum that belongs to the Center, and has an authority that consist of youths and students. (Youths' and Students' Forum).
  • Sponsoring and support issues of women through a specific women's forum, the Woman and Girl Forum.

Partners of the Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies

The organisation is a member of several coalitions and networks:

  • Civil Strengthening Network
  • Civil Network for Peace
  • Yemeni coalition to fight corruption (YAAC)
  • Yemeni coalition for transparency in oil and gas extraction.
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