Yemeni Innovation Summit Association

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YISA works to spread creative thinking to contribute to peacebuilding and development making.
Last updated: August 2016

The Yemeni Innovation Summit Association (YISA) is an association that stared as an initiative in 2008, and got a formal license in 23 Jan 2011 as developmental organization. YISA works to spread creative thinking to contribute to peacebuilding and development making.


One of the organisations main objectives is working with young people to bring them away from terrorism and violence. Notable examples of thier activities include:

  • In Sept 2012, when the violence started in many areas in Yemen, especially in Aden, and armed groups began to attract youths, they released a program called "ECI: Enhance your creativity, Create ideas, Initiate" in participation with Al-Ferdaus women’s association in AlBORAIQA district. YISA aimed to attract youths and help them create new ideas that may solve problems in their society. The program focus on 20 participants and impact 3 main initiatives one in education, another in recycling wastes and the last in drama.
  • In July 2011, enhance your creativity workshop with the Peer network in Civic Youth Promoting Engagement program which was founded by USAID in ALQALOA'A district. The workshop was aimed at providing youths with creative thinking skills to create new intitiatives involved in the program, the main aim of the workshop and the program to attract youths and push them away from participation in the reflect which was started in the district. The program focused on 30 participants.
  • In 2011, YISA participated in distributing aids to ABYAN refugees after ABYAN's fighting.
  • In 2011, YISA established a youth initiative to clean Al'qaloa'a region. At the time, there were strikes against the government which led to an increase in violence. The organisation took the initiative of cleaning the region to reduce violence and to provide a service for the community; this work was considered an inspired initiative for other youths in other regions of Aden at that time.

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