Yemeni Forum for People with Disabilities (YFPD)

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YFPD works in the field of disabilities and its activities target all types of disabilities: physical, audio, visual and mental.
Last updated: July 2015

The Yemeni Forum for Poeple with Disabilities (YFPD) works in the field of disabilities and its activities target all types of disabilities: physical, audio, visual and mental. YFDP's headquarters are located in the capital Sana’a, Yemen.

YFPD, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, seeks to guarantee that disabled people have access to all rights that lead to their integration into society through equal opportunities, and achieving justice and equality like any other members of the society.  The organisation believes that hope and a safe environment free of barriers can be achieved by working together.

YFPD's objectives

  • To participate in the development and improvement of policies and legislation related to the rights of people with disabilities
  • Raising awareness of the principles/values of peace, tolerance, brotherhood, and renouncing to the violence and conflicts that can cause more disabilities in the community
  • To coordinate with government institutions and NGOs in order to overcome the difficulties of disabled people
  • To advocate and support the removal of barriers that impedes access of disabled people to various rights and services
  • To work towards encouraging studies and research that brings benefits to disabled people
  • To provide curricula and educational books through modern means of technology such as speaking programs, braille method for the blind and sign language for the hearing-impaired
  • To encourage community and civil society organizations to voluntarily work in the disability field
  • To encourage talent and creativity of young disabled people, and to develop their abilities and skills
  • To pay special attention and priority to the issues of women with disabilities because they are more deprived of access to their rights

YFPD's activities

  • The celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities December 3rd 2014, which was allocated to raise awareness of the issue of armed conflicts and disputes as one of the main causes of disability. The Celebration had several awareness lines and workshops including media events; press conference, radio and television interviews.
  • Organising radio and television seminars that dealt with topics of peace and its importance in spreading social harmony among the members of society, including disabled people.
  • Producing television and radio flashes on the theme of peace, non-violence and armed conflict.
  • Conducting awareness and lobbying meetings related to social peace as the best answer for community conflicts, targeting the number of governmental and NGO representatives that are dealing with disabled people.Organising a workshop to discuss the issues of violence against disabled women as well as the of difficulties and challenges that hinders their integration in society.
  • Establishment of a unit to monitor the rights of disabled people that work in the area of human rights for disabled people, publishing a number of reports about the situation of disabled people.
  • Issuance of awareness and guidance publications addressing a number of issues relating to the rights of disabled people.
  • Organising a number of rehabilitation, training and awareness activities in the field of education for disabled people and the provision of textbooks for blind students in a voice format - working on the formation of a committee in the Ministry of Education concerned with follow-up educational rights of disabled people.
  • Organising a series of activities and events on the development of the skills of disabled people and raising their abilities.
  • Translation of the objectives of the Forum for the empowerment of women with disabilities to have access to various rights. The Forum organised a number of activities for women with specific disabilities, working to raise awareness among many government agencies and non-governmental organizations to improve policies related to the rights of women with disabilities - reporting on issues related to the rights of women with disabilities, as well as raising health awareness among women with disabilities through printing the English Translated to Arabic Book titled Health of Women with Disabilities.
  • Provide financial support for people with disabilities such as medical headsets for the hearing impaired through the Forum Annual Project for medical headphones, as well as the delivery of 30 computers for a number of blind males and females in the province of Hodeida - distributing of audio devices for blind students to use of studying their lessons.

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