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The Youth Human Rights Group (YHRG) works to protect human rights and promote the ability of vulnerable groups to defend and assert their rights.
Last updated: November 2017

Legal Prosperity Public Foundation is a non-profit  organization which is a continuation of the activities of the  "Youth Human Rights Group", a well-known NGO in Kyrgyzstan.The Legal Prosperity Public Foundation works to protect human rights and promote the ability of vulnerable groups to defend and assert their rights. It was established in November 1995 by a group of students from different universities in Bishkek. The organisation was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic in March 1997.

Legal Prosperity's main mission is to develop and promote proposals for legislation and government policy. It works for judicial reform to defend the rights of vulnerable groups and hold human rights abusers accountable.

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The organisation defends victims through the monitoring and analysis of human rights violations. It discloses information about violations and leads litigation on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves independently. The organisation implements 3 main projects:

  • The promotion of civic initiatives: this project works to promote and support inter-ethnic tolerance, cultural diversity, and shape youth values in the spirit of democracy and human rights. It also promotes youth participation in decision-making processes at the local and national level.
  • The promotion of legal reform: this focuses on the application of international human rights protection mechanisms and the dissemination of experience. The project also engages in strategic litigation to ensure that the legal framework complies with international human rights protection standards recognised by the Kyrgryz Republic.
  • The promotion of child rights protection: this work to support the defence of children living outside of their families in residential institutions, as well as the protection of children in difficult life situations. It also monitors closed facilities for children, collects empirical data related to cases and develops effective mechanisms for the protection of child rights.

Legal Prosperity Public Foundation in 2015-2016

In 2015, the Legal Prosperity is working to implement its 'Promoting Ethnic Reconciliation Project'. This is promoting inter-ethnic reconciliation in the Kyrgyz Republic and encouraging the government to bring existing legislation in line with domestic and international anti-discrimination standards. The organisation analyses legislation as it pertains to issues of discrimination, conducts research for the causes of discrimination against ethnic, religious and sexual minorities in the country; organises public meetings and roundtables to publicise its findings; and advocates for legislative and administrative reform.

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