Youth for Peace and Democracy (YPD)

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YPD works to be a voice for students advocating non-violent democratic betterment in Bangladesh
Last updated: December 2017

Youth for Peace & Democracy, Bangladesh (YPD) was established in November 2011. Since its inception, YPD has become a voice for students advocating non-violent democratic betterment in Bangladesh. Its motto is "Youth power for enlighten and peaceful democracy"

Main objectives

YPD's mission is to establish peace, social justice and democracy at every level in Bangladesh, with politically aware young people who will lead the country peacefully. It aims to motivate young people to support democracy, human rights, social justice and peace.

YPD includes youth of different cities and of diverse political tendencies, religious beliefs and forms of activity which, on the basis of equality and mutual respect for their autonomy, wish to coordinate their efforts for the best satisfaction of the interest of youth and to make their contribution to the common ideas of freedom, independence, democracy, friendship, national solidarity and peace.

YPD considers the development of international/national understanding as well as cooperation between all regional and national youth organizers of the Bangladesh as a fundamental task in contributing to the strengthening of the unity of action and national solidarity of youth, of all anti-imperialist, progressive and democratic forces, to the satisfaction of the interests of all young people, taking into account the existence of a great variety of forms of programs and events based on national ideas, conditions and interests, and the necessity for young people to go beyond these differences and face their common problems together.

What does the organization do?

Motivate young people for democracy, human rights and peace.Raising voice to dictators for real democratic practice and encouraging democratic establishment at every sector.
Create voice against government for serving as a democratic dictator's, youth rights and social justice. Trained young people working for peace and democracy.

Opportunities for Youth

Learning leadership, social security, peace, democracy, social justice, other democratic organs and human rights.Young people will get the opportunity to develop themselves as a politically aware citizen those can decide and lead the country in a right way.So they will develop thsi country by developing themselves.

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