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Zwewla is an informal social movement of young Tunisians who help marginalised people defend and claim their rights.
Last updated: November 2015

Zwewla, meaning 'The Poor' in Arabic, is an informal social movement of young Tunisians who practice graffiti art, murals and music that reflect the reality of the poor and working class (Zwewla) and help them defend and claim their rights.

The group tries to express the reality of Zwewla and also aims to raise awareness about marginalised classes. The group was created in 2012 and since its inception, it has tried to improve its different techniques (stencils, slogans, painting), the themes of its work and its identification of the streets and spaces where marginalised people live.

Zwewla started as a small group of graffiti artists draw on the walls in Tunis and its neighbourhoods in order to raise awareness and direct attention to social and economic problems and the human rights situation in Tunisia.

Because of the impact of its work, Zwewla was put on trial in Gabes in November 2012, charged with reporting false news, disturbing public order, violating the emergency status and vandalising public property. To fight back against the accusation, it launched a campaign to bring the case into the public attention. Two members were charged with defacing public property, although acquitted of other charges. They said it was a political trial.

Zwewla's local partners are the Tunisian General Labor Union, the Tunisian federation of Cinema Club, Association PONTESS, and the Tunisian forum of economic and social rights.

It as previously worked with groups including Roger Williams University, Young African leaders at the UN, and the World Social Forum.

Read and watch more on Zwewla on:

Tuniscope (Youtube) SBollicina (Youtube) Shems FM (Youtube) Slate Afrique Tunisia Art Galleries

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