is a freelance writer and blogger, based in the DRC and writing about conflict resolution and peacebuilding. He is also a photo journalist for InfoCongo.

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"Oblivious and naive, I became a killing machine": creating a new future for child soldiers

In Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of children have joined armed groups and remain trapped in conflict. Some find a way to escape a life of violence and flee the bush, but then what? Former child soldiers face stigma, fear and stereotypes, making it hard or impossible to settle back into their communities. Read more »

01 October 2020

Changing perspectives through theatre: working with child soldiers in DRC

For the past two years, drama workshops have been carried out in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for former child soldiers, who then go on to perform shows in their communities. The aim of the workshops is to facilitate their reintegration into society, notably by changing the way people look at them. Read more »

22 August 2018