Peace Direct was born out of a passion to provide local people risking their lives on the front line of conflict with the resources they need to carry out their work.

We work with local people across the world to prevent and respond to conflict and rebuild communities following war. We understand that the work of local peacebuilders is vital and lifesaving, and yet their role in building peace goes largely unnoticed and unrecognised by those in power, nationally and internationally.

Underpinning all our work is the belief the current structure of the aid system is flawed.

We want to shift the balance of power and resources towards those who have the deep local knowledge of a conflict, and the long term commitment to fighting for peace.

The idea for Peace Insight was born out of this commitment, and our dedication to highlight the scale and impact of local peacebuilding around the world. So, we created a space to showcase this work, and the people doing it.