Mariam Safi is an International Relations advisor and expert on Afghanistan, holding key research interests in state building, security and conflict management. She has been published in numerous books, has written several articles for think tanks around the world, including geopolitical and security related magazines and online publications with peace-building and humanitarian NGOs. [[]] Her former positions include Deputy Director of the Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS) in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she led several innovative research initiatives examining the role of traditional dispute mechanisms, the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program, and an assessment of the status of female legal professionals and women in the judicial sector. Mariam Safi’s research activities enabled her to travel extensively throughout Afghanistan where she interacted with tribal elders, Shura/Jirga members, provincial officials, and women’s groups at the village and district levels. Prior to joining CAPS, Ms. Safi was the Assistant Editor of ‘South Asia Defence & Strategic Review’ based in New Delhi, India. [[]] Mariam attained her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from York University in Toronto, Canada and her Masters in International Peace Studies from the UN Mandated University for Peace. She is currently a PhD scholar at the University of Sussex working on her doctoral studies in International Relations.

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