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Community Legal Services (CLS) works to support appropriate NGOs financially to assist in societal legal aid in Bangladesh. It is a five year operation from August 2012 to August 2017, financed under DFID an executed by an association consisting of Maxwell Stamp PLC, the British Council and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

The CLS programme works to make justice accessible to deprived pupils in Bangladesh. Primarily it aims to enhance the standard and range of CLS in Bangladesh, develop the solidification of CLS programmes to make paths for potential associates and inspire a workable environment for legal aid. It also assists NGOs and communal institutions to integrate their operations so that CLS can reach its potential beneficiaries. Apart from these, CLS also works in remote areas to make legal aid accessible.

Collaborating with Maxwell Stamp PLC, the CLC programme financially aids a number of organisations to assist them in societal capacity development, study and advisory, legal aid and integration of justice sectors.


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CLS picks up Bangladeshi private institutions to facilitate them in a number of activities. These include:

  • Community conciliation services;
  • Training on subsidiary legal matters;
  • Legal assistance to those who need it;
  • Reviving the idea of arbitrators and village courts;
  • Training community members on legal and human rights;
  • Providing an advisory role on economic and gender issues;
  • Fighting violence against women through legal aid, advice, study and strategy reform.

CLS provides legal aid to the poor and it also contributes to the policy making decisions through advocacy. It believes providing legal services to marginalised people, in particular women, girls and socially excluded populations, will help keep peace. A mandate of Community Legal Services (CLS) Programme is to provide services to a total of 1,162 unions/wards by 2017, with a range of affordable quality legal services easily accessible to members of poor communities.

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Last updated: October 2016