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Thematic areas

Conflict prevention and early warning
Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue

Hilehili Education and Social Development Foundation (Hilehili) was founded in 2000 to work for community empowerment, humanitarian aid, and gender equality in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region.


The organisation’s vision is of a sustainably developed and empowered community. Its mission is to ensure sustainable and fair development for the identity and existence of the CHT community. Hilehili facilitates lasting change by: strengthening capacity for self-help, delivering relief in emergencies, influencing policy decisions at all levels, and addressing discrimination in all its forms.

Hilehili implements its work through the following activities:

  • Ensuring sustainability: It is committed to ways of life that safeguard resources and that secure the resource base for use by future generations.
  • Empowering the disadvantaged: Hilehili supports people, especially women and community people, so that they can build confidence in and develop their own initiative and capabilities.
  • Resolving conflict and ensuring peace: One key strategy is to prevent and resolve conflicts.
  • Providing access to information.
  • Ensuring equitable development for women and men: In both activities and approaches, the organisation seeks to promote gender equality in development.
  • Supporting human rights and democracy

Shaping CHT Peace Accord of 1997

Hilehili played an active role in implementing the CHT Peace Accord to solve problems that affect development and peace, and is committed to ensuring that development is supported in every aspect of the CHT Peace Accord.

Last updated: March 2016