Movement Against Conflict

Conflicts: Bangladesh

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House # 16 (1st floor), Road # 36, Appt# 2A, Gulshan, Dhaka # 1212, Bangladesh.
(+880) 2 985 88 49 / 2 989 15 38

Thematic areas

Conflict prevention and early warning

MAC 2 Movement Against Conflict (MAC) works to resolve conflict and promote peace in Bangladesh. It has been working primarily on peacebuilding since 2008.

MAC aims for the protection of human rights, safety, and economic stability for every citizen of Bangladesh. It aims to act as a key role in building up an integrated system of ruling by providing assistance for the constituents of the government. It provides an information source on integrated governance and conflict resolution. MAC facilitates representatives with resources so that they can provide what they can to protect peace.


MAC 1MAC works on gender discrimination, interfaith harmony, justice assurance and accountability of the authorities, collaborating for the benefit of all citizens.

One of the core training programmes of MAC is ‘Conflict Resolutions'. Through this activities MAC reach their goal. Additionally MAC implements programmes which work with schools, elites, teacher communities, rights-based organisations and government authorities. Such programmes include a school programme, a forgiveness programme, advocacy related works and seminars, and communication with all levels of society in both Bangladesh and abroad to encourage people to become peacebuilders.

Last updated: December 2015