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Conflict prevention and early warning
Mediation & Dialogue

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) works for the solidification of democratic practice in Bangladesh. It has initiated steps towards better ruling in Bangladesh since its founding in 2013.

IFES faces a number of challenges: a confined environment for political discussion, an absence of assistance, the practice of violence within the electoral system, and inadequate levels of knowledge and professionalism in leaders.

IFES' activities have produced positive results. One of the key outcomes of its work is the growth of the People Against Violence in Elections (PAVE) training programme. Through this training, approximately 450 participants have gained knowledge on a spectrum of conflict-issues. This has initiated dialogue between opponents and encouraged steps to alleviate violence. The PAVE programme also works to integrate conflict strategy with parliamentary based technical excellence. After the workshops, participants have felt encouraged to become peace ambassadors, and they feel motivated to contribute towards a peace-filled electoral process.

Asserting this positive frame of mind, IFES Bangladesh Chief of Party Alistair Legge has said:

I think the primary lesson is that you can empower people through a civic education process to take personal responsibility to deal with entrenched conflict and violence.

IFES also puts its efforts into teaching local associates on parliamentary topics and enable them to initiate helpful dialogue on practical issues to support a better parliamentary process.

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Last updated: October 2016