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Ouagadougou, Somgandé, Secteur 25, 06 BP 10638 Ouagadougou 06
+226 70 10 02 61 / 68 68 77 03

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Culture, media & advocacy
Environmental peacebuilding
Human rights

Abac 1

The Association Burkinabè d’Action Communautaire (ABAC, English: Burkinabe Association for Community Action) works to build peace by improving social cohesion in deprived areas of Burkina Faso. It also helps to train local communities in how to identify, plan, execute and evaluate their own socio-economic development projects. ABAC works to:

  • Promote human rights, in particular those of women and children, including combating gender based violence.
  • Promote saving, credits and food security.
  • Provide humanitarian aid.
  • Support the initiatives of local populations to improve their lives, including self-sufficiency.
  • Increase access to clean water and agricultural productivity, including restoring and protecting the environment.
  • Support education and youth employment programmes.
  • Improve community health, women and children's nutrition, and sexual health.
  • Promote agro-business and the capacity of local producers to manage and commercialise their own produce.

Main projects

  • Support for disadvantaged sections of the population to create small revenue-generating projects.
  • Promoting land dispute resolution methods: support to help avoid conflicts between different populations on rural land (for example, farmers and herders), as well as advocacy efforts with local leaders to help increase awareness of such projects.
  • Humanitarian aid in collaboration with the Church World Service and other NGOs.
  • Theatre forums working to raise awareness of human rights issues, in collaboration with Diakonia.
  • Radio programmes.

Last updated: November 2014

Last updated: November 2014