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Thematic areas

Conflict prevention and early warning
Environmental peacebuilding
Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation

Coordination des ONG, Associations des Femmes du Burkina (COA/FEB, English: NGO Organisation, Associations of Women of Burkina Faso) is a network of NGOs in Burkina Faso. The idea of joining forces to create a common front was generated in 1994, during preparations for the NGO Forum at the fifth African Regional Conference for Women, in Dakar.

The NGOs and women's associations worked so successfully together that they decided to formalise their collaboration in order to coordinate their work on the ground as well as at a national, regional and international level.

The COA/FEB, as a civil society organisation, brings women together to work to maintain social peace and harmony. It works with other CSOs to reduce inequality between women and men and girls and boys, in order to create sustainable and meaningful development. It is composed of committed women who believe in solidarity and the role they must play in order to bring about such development in Burkina Faso.

Main achievements:

  • Participating in the Beijing conference on women's rights, and then establishing a national committee to follow up on its conclusions and recommendations.
  • Taking part in the national committee to combat gender discrimination, and the reflection committee of the minister for women; and participating as a result in national dialogue on policy for women in Burkina Faso.
  • Negotiating and adopting a set of statutes for the Pressure Group on women and girls' education in Burkina Faso.
  • Participating in the resolution of two university crises.
  • Participating in the resolution of health workers' strikes.
  • Organising a "Female Builders of Africa" information caravan.
  • Organising a campaign to mobilise help for 2,500 people affected by famine in Kadiogo.

Last updated: December 2014