Conflicts: Burundi

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3Av, Kidahwe, Secteur SHARI, Zone BUBANZA, Commune BUBANZA. P.O.Box 3141 Bujumbura-BURUNDI
+257 79 / 76 / 75 415 784

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Women, Peace and Security

dagopassThe civil war in Burundi left many unresolved issues which threaten long-lasting peace. The proliferation of weapons is widespread and levels of poverty are high. A particular concern is the likelihood of young people being drawn into violent political groups or militias. DAGROPASS was created to promote peace and security though encouraging the use of non-violent conflict resolution. They also work to promote social and economic independence for women in rural communities.

DAGROPASS activities cover three main areas:

  • Peace and conflict resolution.
  • Political and economic empowerment of women.
  • Health and sexual/reproductive rights.
Since the organisation was established in 2002, they have delivered a wide variety of projects aimed at meeting the needs of the communities they serve, and securing peace in Burundi. These activities have included:
  • Supporting disarmament programmes by collecting illegally-held weapons;
  • Construction of health clinics and supporting those affected by war; and
  • Community rehabilitation of former combatants.

Last updated: September 2014