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ONG – Association des femmes juristes de Centrafrique, Avenue de l’indépendance (beside the artisanal center), Bangui, RCA.
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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Health & counselling
Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue
Women, Peace and Security


The Association of Female Lawyers (AFJC) was founded in 1992 to promote human rights and to protect the rights of women and children in the Central African Republic. Its goal is to help survivors of violence (many of whom are women) by providing legal support and psychosocial counselling. This forms part of a comprehensive case management for individuals that addresses physical, emotional, psychological and social violence.

Main activities

AFJC works in two main areas, psychosocial counselling and legal support.

Psychosocial counselling

  • Provides opportunities for survivors of violence to express their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment.
  • Helps survivors to have positive feelings again by giving them real and reassuring messages and advice.
  • Provides guidance, support and information for survivors of violence and abuse on medical and other services.
  • Encourages individuals into income generating activities so that they can become financially independent.

Legal support

  • Promotes access to justice for victims of human rights violations.
  • Fights against impunity for perpetrators of violence, especially violence against women.
  • Distributes legal texts protecting women against all forms of violence.
  • Provides victims with privacy and equality in their access to justice.


Major achievements

The AFJC has so far provided psychosocial counselling for almost 7,000 people across the Central African Republic. The AFJC has helped people in many parts of the country, and has successfully encouraged several local communities and leaders to refer victims to the organisation for help.


Last updated: December 2019