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For Better Future (Uketesi Momavlisatvis) works to build a strong community that promotes the economic and social welfare of women and youth through self-empowerment and equal representation.

The organisation was established in 2002 under the title of The Youth Association of Akhalgori, however as a result of the South Ossetia War in August 2008, the organisation was forced to relocate to an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) settlement in Tserovani, Mtskheta region. These events brought changes in the organisation's goals and objectives, and the organisation was renamed 'For Better Future'.

For Better Future empowers IDP women and youth by providing professional development training and peacebuilding skills in order to promote a sustainable community with effective and active civic participation. Most of the organisation's beneficiaries are IDPs from the 2008 conflict. The peacebuilding and conflict-resolution process for the South Ossetia region is a primary focus for the organisation. It collaborates with local and international organisations  to promote confidence-building and dialogue techniques.

Since 2009, the organisation has actively participated in the Georgian-Ossetian negotiation process, bringing together civil society organisations from the Tskhinvali region and from Georgia to participate in dialogues on neutral territory. For Better Future also works with ethnic minorities in Georgia, including Ossetian poeple currently living in the occupied territory, and the civil society organisations supporting them.

Vision Statement

For Better Future’s vision is to build a strong community that promotes the economic and social welfare of women and youth through self-empowerment and equal representation.

Mission Statement

For Better Future empowers IDP women and youth by providing professional development training and peacebuilding skills in order to promote a sustainable community with effective and active civic participation.

  • In 2008, For Better Future joined the “Coalition for IDP’s Rights”
  • Since 2009, For Better Future has been member of the Civil Forum - Place For Peace
  • Since 2012, For Better Future has been a member of the Regional Network of Civil Society Organizations
  • Since 2012, For Better Future has been a member of the Gender Equality Network
  • From 2013-2015 and 2015-present, Peace Corps Volunteers have worked on For Better Future organization’s team
  • Since 2014 For Better Future is a hosting organization for EVS (European Voluntary Service)
  • Since 2015 For Better Future has been a member of CSO Network working with war affected population-  “Movement  for Wellbeing” Network Movement for Wellbeing
  • Since 2014 For better Future’s affiliated social enterprise “Ikorta” has been a member of the Network of Social Enterprise Organizations of Georgia
  • Since 2016 For better Future’s affiliated social enterprise “Ikorta” has been a co-founder of CSO “Social Enterprise Alliance” of Georgia
  • Since 2016 For better Future’s affiliated social enterprise “Ikorta” has been a member of “Georgian Craft Association”



Our organization works on legal and humanitarian issues connected to war affected population. For Better Future is actively involved in identification their problems and needs in order to highlight them on an international level.

In collaboration with CHCA (Charity Humanitarian Center Apkhazeti) and DRC (Danish Refugee Council), For Better Future implemented the project: ”From Dependency to Self-Sufficiency-Innovative, Effective and Scalable Livelihood Solutions for Georgia Livelihood Component” The main goal of the project was to improve the livelihood conditions for the Ossetian and Georgian population living in Akhalgori Region. Through the project, 6 Individual Business Grants and 14 Poverty Reduction Grants were supported (funded).

 For Better Future has been a member of the Georgian-Ossetian civil forum since 2009. In 2009 the organization participated in the training “Capacity Building for NGOs” that was conducted in the framework of a forum; the organization actively participates in planning and implementation of the forum activities. In addition, the head of the organization, Nana Chkareuli, participated in forum meetings held in June 2010 (Leiden, Netherlands), November 2010 (Istanbul, Turkey), and 2012 (Yerevan, Armenia).

In collaboration with the Lithuanian NGO, Trust in Development, For Better Future organized a conference in July 2013 "The Problems of Akhalgori District: Internally Displaced Persons and their Future". The conference speakers included representatives from Akhalgori’s government  in exile,  Tbilisi  State  University,  and  the  EUMM.  Following the presentations, attendees from the Akhalgori IDP community formed working groups to draft a letter of appeal to the international community ( This letter of appeal has been shared with international organizations and local nongovernmental organizations (

 Through a UNDP COBERM grant, For Better Future organized the European School for Young Leaders program from 2011-2012 ( Ten youth were selected, five from the IDP community and five from the occupied territories, to attend a one-week training program in the Czech Republic. Participants received training in a range of conflict-resolution, advocacy, and project development skills. They also had an opportunity to meet with youth-led organizations in Prague. This project encouraged the youth to engage in conflict-resolution dialogue that they could later share these experiences with their local communities.

Working with young leaders

For Better Future has much experience in working with and training young leaders. In 2009-2010, with the support of “Open Society – Georgia”, organization implemented the project in four districts in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, which aimed at identification of the young leaders for their inclusion in civil society. For this purpose youth initiative groups and youth networks were established.

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In 2016, For Better Future implemented a Let Girls Learn project, an innovative initiative of the First Lady of USA – Michelle Obama. The main goal of the project is to expend educational opportunities for girls—including in areas of conflict and crisis. Through the project, Tserovani IDP Youth House girls were trained in different classes such as IT, sewing, animation, and puppet theatre.

Since 2014, For Better Future Implements summer and winter camps for IDP students to discover and support leadership skills in order to promote their complete integration into society in order to develop healthy civic thinking.

Through the Democracy Commission Small Grant Program, For Better Future continued work with youth leaders and established IDP Youth Community Engagement Clubs in 3 IDP settlements in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region and gave identified potential leaders chance to become assists to their community. For Better Future, equipped spaces in each settlement with all the necessary equipment and internet, trained youth in relevant topics, and empowered participants to take part in their community development.

Since 2014, For Better Future implements Youth Professional Development Programs to build economic capacity and opportunities in Tserovani, Tsilkani and Prezeti IDP Settlement. Also, to build professional skills among job seekers and increase local employment opportunities.

For Better Future supports youth education opportunities by working with the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program in the Tserovani IDP settlement. Based on the recommendation of our organization, in 2013 nine IDP youth started a 3-year international relations degree program in Poland’s Adam Mickiewicz University.

Since 2012, For Better Future has supported the work of another Tserovani-based nongovernmental organization, Faith and Light. The organization works with disabled people in the IDP community to increase their social integration and vocational opportunities. Our organizations collaborated to hold a summer camp for disabled youth, including art activities (

Working with the support of the US Embassy in Georgia, American Corners is a joint partnership project that promotes cooperation and understanding between the United States and Georgia by providing accurate information about the U.S. In order to reach the IDP community, For Better Future is managing an American Corner “on wheels” (referred to as the Bookmobile) that travels among the IDP settlements with free English resources and educational programming.                     

Women's issues

As an organization founded by women, we understand opportunities and important role the women play in the community, especially in crisis situations.  For Better Future is interested in growing the social activities of women and develop their resources.

In 2015, through the organization Trust in Development, For Better Future implemented a project for promoting women’s businesses from Akhalgori, Tskhinvali, and Pankisi Region. During the training sessions for women, several small businesses were promoted with our support.

In 2010, For Better Future implemented a project funded by TASO for women leaders in the Tserovani IDP settlement. The goal of the “Club of Women Leaders for a Better Future” is to encourage internally displaced women to take part in civil affairs.

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Social Entrepreneurship

In 2012, For Better Future started two social enterprises for women: Georgian Enamel Enterprise (, Folk Handicraft Enterprise (, and Social Enterprise Cafe. Each organization employs four women from the Tserovani IDP community; providing them professional opportunities close to their homes as well as income to support their families. Social Enterprise Ikorta now is a stable fund for “For Better Future” to run organizational activities.

Environmental Protection

For Better Future always supports any idea connected to environmental case, also, always tries to promote any activities run by different organizations. Our organization has hosted several greening actions since its establishment including a tree planting program in partnership with FLEX Alumni, Bookmobile environmental activities, Earth Day “green” activities in new IDP Settlements, and more.

Project Management

For Better Future has multiple years of project management experience gained from the projects implemented in the Akhalgori district before 2008, as well as projects implemented in the Tserovani IDP settlement. In accordance with the stated goals and objectives, the organization has established cooperation with the following organizations: the “Open Society – Georgia” Foundation, “TASO” Foundation, Women’s Fund in Georgia, UNDP, COBERM, EUMM, US Embassy in Georgia, local NGOs, and governmental organizations.





Last updated: November 2016