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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Environmental peacebuilding
Health & counselling
Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education
Refugees and IDPs
Women, Peace and Security

Taso Foundation is an independent women’s fund, which, in years 1998-2006 operated as the Women’s Program of Open Society – Georgia Foundation. TF is officially registered in January 2007 and operates across the country. Since its establishment as a philanthropic organization, it has supported more than 350 projects of women’s NGOs, initiative groups and female activists.

Taso Foundation, as part and supporter of women's movement of Georgia, is involved in the creation of a peaceful and just environment, an environment where each woman will be entitled for a free choice and self-realization and will exercise her rights and freedoms without hindrance.

Mission: Women’s Empowerment for Human Rights, Social Justice and Peace in Georgia.

Vision: Women and girls across Georgia live in a safe, democratic and peaceful society with equal decision-making power and equal opportunities and access to education, sexual and reproductive rights, health and contraception, social services and employment. Women support, empower and collaborate with each other. State and municipality budgets are gender responsive. Women are economically independent. Independent community foundations ensure women´s empowerment in their local communities. Women´s voices and the history of Georgian feminist philanthropy are preserved for students and researchers at the university and for the population at large.

Main Programs:

  • Social mobilization of internally displaced, conflict affected and ethnic minority women in rural Georgia: capacity building, grant-giving for WHRs, social activism and economic empowerment, advocacy and networking;
  • Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace: public awareness on social justice and peace philanthropy, grant-giving for youth groups of volunteers in rural communities, drafting and promoting the Law of Georgia on Philanthropy, Charity and Social Partnership, documentary on essence of philanthropy and publication (since 2011);
  • Partnership Program with Community Foundations: grant-giving for institutional development and philanthropic activism of community foundations, daughter organizations of TF active in rural Georgia; continuous capacity building and networking (since 2012);
  • Supporting women-led agricultural cooperatives: capacity building and grant-giving;
  • Memory Research Center: resource center with  library and text, photo and video archives; preserving women’s histories (since 2001);
  • Publishing: two series of publications – Women’s Memory (since 2004) and Feminist Library (since 2007);
  • Documentaries on issues of WHRs and Equality: Grant-giving (since 2000); video documenting and documentary making (since 2006).

Gender sensitive socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable IDPs through co-funding of their livelihoods opportunities and promotion of their social mobilization.

Last updated: September 2016