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Al-Meshraq Al-Jadid, Basrah, Iraq
+964 7801393779

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Women, Peace and Security

The Iraqi Al-Firdaws Society was established to promote women's rights, including economic empowerment of women and enhancing their role in society, the political process and democracy. It has since expanded its work to support community development in Basra, collaborating with a large number of partners. Through its work, it has contributed to engaging diverse communities living in Basra to work together for a better future.

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Iraqi Al-Firdaws has established a peace network in Basra which gathers a number of different organisations from diverse groups and communities Through the network, several campaigns calling for peace and development in Basra were organised in the city, addressing local authorities to enhance the delivery of basic services.

In 2012, Iraqi Al Firdaws worked on the educational needs of the governorate of Basra. After conducting community assessments to identify the needs to ensure appropriate schooling of children, lobbying meetings were organised during which representatives of the diverse communities addressed local authorities with one voice.

Last updated: July 2015