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Cocody Abidjan 16, Rue Victor Schoelcher 14, BP 1570
+ 225 47 84 32 52 / 225 05 89 91 80

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Peace education

The International Conference for Nonviolence and Democracy (CINOD) works to foster peaceful democratic change in Ivory Coast and Africa by organising seminars, conferences and publications. It carries out research on democracy, studying the factors and policies which lead to democratic consolidation in Ivory Coast.

CINOD is dedicated to defending the principle of non-violence. It helps promote this message and its research by organising interdisciplinary debates on peace issues and taking a critical view of the issues surrounding sustainable peacebuilding in West Africa. Several debates, conferences and seminars have been held since CINOD's inception, with participants from academia, the media, law, national Ivorian politicians and local peacebuilders.

Such workshops have been organised on:

  • Violence in academia, what remedy?
  • The responsibility of youth in reconstruction and the consolidation of a national unity
  • Solidarity, fraternity and patriotism in the search for peace pane
  • Coups d'état, armed conflict and the problem of democracy in Africa
  • Understanding the Violence of war in Côte d'Ivoire
  • Elections and legitimacy of State power

The Martin Luther King Center for Peace and Social Justice

In order to boost its action and obtain concrete results in terms of peaceful social change, a new center for peace and social justice was created in 2006 where similar debates are hosted, young people are trained in conflict management and the principle of nonviolence is fostered.

Last updated: December 2017

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Email Mr. Edouard Kadjo: for more information

The impact of your donation

The Martin Luther king center is a research and training center. Any donation will help build and foster democratic change in our country. The center does not have fund and financial support to carry out its activities. This is why any $ 400 would help organise peacebuilding activies such as sensitisation on nonviolence

How to promote this organisation

people can promote King center by helping raise funds.

How you can participate

People could attend our planned activities and the centre will be pleased to tie strong partnerships with people who believe in the message of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The center promotes the ideas of MLK and is very interested in sharing with others, peace and nonviolence advocates