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Municipal Building, Tange Wali Gali, Palace Road, Jammu-1 Jammu, India 180 001, Jammu, India 180001
+ 91 94 19 14 77 36 / 19 12 57 83 37

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy

Natrang Theatre Group is the first full-time professional theatre group in Jammu & Kashmir. It was established in 1983 by Balwant Thakur and has performed over 5000 shows and participated in a record 135 National theatre festivals during the last 28 years. In recent years, the group has begun to use theatre as a tool for peacebuilding.

Over the past five years, Natrang has organised large scale events showcasing the performing arts heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. In one event more than 500 hundred artists performed. Natrang has performed in major International theatre festivals held in Moscow, Belgrade, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, London, Bangkok, and Dubai.

Natrang has also emerged as an important promoter of peace in a region known for violence and cross cultural conflict. It organises workshops and uses theatre as a healing and transformative tool for change in the region.

Our mission is to establish Natrang as the ultimate destination of intellectuals, writers, artists, performers and art lovers by making it one of the most creative happening places in the country
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Last updated: December 2012