Development for People and Nature Association

Conflicts: Lebanon

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Azzam Building, Cornich el Bahr, Saida, South Lebanon
+961 7727005

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Environmental peacebuilding
Human rights
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation

The Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) works with local communities on human rights, environment protection and development. Its target population are children, youth people, women and marginalised people. The Association encourages and addresses civil participation in political decision making, focusing on empowerment and leadership building through workshops.

DPNA supports local initiatives by providing aid in order to develop projects connected to the welfare of the community and promote a culture of non-violence. In the projects, it has addressed society relating to problems that affect children and young people, so that education, training and even job opportunities can be opened up for them.

DPNA is aware that development cannot destroy natural resources, but it must contribute to conservation. Therefore it executes recycling campaigns for the suitable sorting of rubbish. They have this view, way before the garbage crisis in Lebanon that started in 2015 and is still unresolved. During this crisis, they introduced more activities to spread awarness among youth in the South and North on recycling and preserving the envrironment in their communities, and how to manage natural resources peacefully and resolve any potential conflicts with Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

In 2014, DPNA established al Multaqa, an open, interactive space for youth in Saida and a hub for communication and cultural activities that are free for all.

It has also worked to provide psychological support for Syrian refugees, as well as organising joint summer camps for Lebanese and Syrians in the South and Beqaa.

"Better together" was a project for youth among the Syrians and hosting communities. 80 young people along with artists worked together and explored via all kinds of arts. The result was a short movie, a comic and musical production, and a lot of mutual understanding. "Generations for Peace" is a partner of DPNA in summer camps and year long activities to bring youth together and provide them with a healthy environment to find common grounds for social cohesion. It involves Syrian children as well.

Last updated: August 2016