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Corner of Broad & Center Streets, Monrovia, Liberia
+231 886 404 334

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Peace_clubs_members LiberiaMessengers of Peace Liberia (MOP) is a Non-Profit, and Non-Governmental youth organization, which originated from Community Outreach of the Public Information Office of the United Nations in Liberia since September 17, 2008.

MOP-Liberia’s vision is to become one of the great Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) movements in Liberia and the sub-region, which stands for key peace values and is not afraid or reluctant to stand up for peace and non-violence. MOP-Liberia is a conscientious objector to any form of violence anywhere in the world. MOP-Liberia remains committed to the key peace values of hard work, building trust, honesty, tolerance and respect for human dignity and diversity.

MOP's mission is to inculcate our shared values to young people in the various peace clubs (in schools and communities) spread across the country.It is our expectations that young people who benefit from our programmes and inculcated values would be great examples of the dedication and commitment that MOP-Liberia stands for.

MOP's Daily Work

  • 18-25 peace clubs established in Monrovia and its environs, Montserrado and Grand Bassa Counties by MOP-Liberia from 2012 to present
  • 2-3 Mentoring and Coaching programmes established for adolescence girls in peacebuilding in Monrovia
  • Over a thousand young volunteer peace messengers have participated in major peace advocacy forum including International Day of Peace
  • MOP is the first NGO and youth based Organization to organize a 21 Day of Volunteersim for Peace&development Activism Programme in Liberia and the first to start Peace clubs in schools and communities
  • Every volunteer peace messenger is a contributor to our weekly newspaper column of peace in the Daily Observer Newspaper. First NGO to have a weekly column in the print media.
  • Major Government institutions and INGOs such as the Ministry of Youth &Sports, Liberia Peacebuilding Office, United Nat ions Mission in Liberia , International Alert, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa,Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation (SASEF), The Liberian Daily Observer NewsPaper, United Nations Volunteers Programme-Liberia, Roots for Peace-USA, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding@ Eastern Mennonite University, and The Carter Center Liberia etc recognize and support our activities.
  • Organized a fundraising drive called” A Dollar for Peace Campaign” to mobilize resources for MOP-Liberia. First was held in 2013
  • Ebola Education Campaigns launched and conducted in ten communities (Clara Town, Caldwell, New Kru Town, Point four, Duala, Matadi, Newport, Carey, Buchannan, and Front streets, since the outbreak by its peace messengers

INTERNATIONAL_DAY_OF_PEACE_2012 International Day of Peace 2012

One of the hallmarks of MOP-Liberia is the meaningful involvement and active participation as well as engagement of young people in advocacy programmes for peace. At MOP-Liberia, what we have discovered in our nascent years of existence is that at the heart of most Liberian youth is the quest for peace to prevail. Our values are centered on preparing young people in schools and communities for peace and non-violence through the transfer of knowledge and skills. Over the years, Messengers of Peace (MOP) has been involved in promoting peace initiative through information dissemination and volunteerism.

In MOP we believe that sustainable peace in Liberia is the only hope for the future development and growth of the country and we must protect it. Liberia is ours now and it.The group is fundraising to expand its activities to other parts of Liberia.

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Last updated: September 2016

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For donations&inquiries concerning the work/programmes of Messengers of Peace-Liberia(MOP), kindly contact the Founder&Executive Director-Ms. Gwendolyn S. or +231-886-404334.

The impact of your donation

The integration of children’s rights in key peace and development programmes can take various forms and at Messengers of Peace Liberia- we begin with your support to the “Ebola Educates” Campaign with your generous cash donation. We would like to encourage everyone to focus much attention to the plights of children who one way or the other survived the Ebola Epidemic. Messengers of Peace (MOP)-Liberia is ready to commit its resources to support measures for alleviating the impact of the Ebola Virus Disease on the Liberian child. We have over a thousand volunteers spread across the country ready and willing to support projects for children affected by Ebola. There is a need to engage young people.$50 will help to provide five(storybooks)on Ebola for school kids written by children affected directly or indirectly by the epidemic.

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We encourage everyone to get involve with our work via social media as well direct contact with MOP-Liberia. Follow us on Facebook@Messengers of Peace- Liberia Inc(MOP-Liberia Inc)!