Association for the Promotion and Support of Local Development (APADL)

Conflicts: Mali

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North of Goundam, East of Dire East and West of Niafunké. Headquarters: Tonka (Goundam-Timbuktu)
+223 79 19 19 08 / 66 52 02 68

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Women, Peace and Security

The Association for the Promotion and Support of Local Development (APADL) advocates and lobbies for fair access to different resources in order to achieve social change. Its work is based on the values of solidarity, communication, mutual respect and community cohesion. APADL contributes to dialogue, analysis and improvement of policy in Mali by strengthening the capacities of social organisations working to bring about meaningful change.

Through activities such as research, development support and capacity building, the organisation works towards the following objectives:

  • Promoting the role of women in the family and their integration in all sectors of development and combating poverty;
  • Fighting against poverty, especially in the regions of northern Mali;
  • Promoting and building basic social services;
  • Promoting the preservation of natural resources and protecting the environment;
  • Identifying appropriate technologies to ensure food security;
  • Strengthening, training and teaching associative and cooperative groups in supporting development activities;
  • Supporting projects and programmes for community development;
  • Mobilising financial resources for community-based organisations;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of various development policies;

Notable recent projects include:

  • January 2013 - present: increased information provision at the National level and among partners of the cluster on the education sector in the Timbuktu region;
  • Awareness and monitoring of schools in the Timbuktu Region;
  • February 2103: psychosocial support for women and girls in conflict in Mopti, with AJM/ONUFEMMES
  • February 2013: participation in a workshop preparing a roadmap on the conditions of return of educational activities in the regions affected by the conflict in Sikasso, with UNICEF / MEAPLN;
  • March 2013: Participation in Bamako in a national training workshop on the planning and coordination of education in emergency situations;
  • March 2013: training in gender integration in humanitarian action, with - GENCAP-UNDP-OCHA;
  • Distribution of school kits.

Last updated: September 2016