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Conflicts: Mali

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Children and youth
Culture, media & advocacy
Mediation & Dialogue
Transitional justice and reconciliation
Women, Peace and Security

The Association Subaahi Gumo (ASG) was established in July 1991. It signed a framework agreement with the Government of Mali in 1993, which was renewed in 2008.

The organisation's mandate is based on three guiding principles: justice, participation and self-promotion. Its programmes apply specifically to children, young people and women. ASG is particularly sensitive to the situation of vulnerable groups including women, elders and nomadic and transhumance groups, and takes into account the implementation of its activities at grassroots level.

Its main mission is to contribute to the development of communities in Mali by the satisfaction of their needs in education, health, food security, environment and micro projects through training and transfer of skills.

Operational in the region of Timbuktu since 2003, ASG is currently pursuing the implementation of four emergency and peacebuilding projects.

ASG has carried out various projects on research-action and held a dialogue forum in rural communities focusing on peacebuilding and citizenship in Mali, human security: including security for goods and persons, reconciliation activities, the deepening of democracy, the promotion of women and young people, and the construction of an emerging economy, as well as work on food security and gender-based violence.

Rcent ongoing projects under execution by ASG in the Timbuktu area are:

  • Project 1: socioeconomic reintegration of women and girls affected by conflict and women’s participation on the peace-building process in the Dire region, in November 2014, with UN women.
  • Project 2: strengthening of social cohesion and the prevention of conflicts in Dire region: March-December 2014, with the UNDP.In its social mediation mediation work, ASG develops regular interactions with local communities to better understand their concerns and their views towards policies of common interest, and how to implement solutions to the root causes of conflicts. 360 women have so far participated in training activities, social mobilisation and advocacy.

Last updated: September 2016

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