Group of Environmental Support (WALIA)

Conflicts: Mali

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B.P-215 Mopti Region, Quartier Million kin près de OCHA Mali
+223 76 01 51 83 / 65 54 29 64

Thematic areas

Human rights
Mediation & Dialogue
Peace education

Group of Environmental Support (WALIA) exists to promote sustainable development and equity in Mali. WALIA's work includes mediationg in and preventing conflicts, peace education, training activities and research.

Major achievements

  • Supervising 11 villages in the context of the implementation of projects tackling poverty.
  • Providing training in skills around environmental issues and conflict management.
  • Supporting 28 radio stations broadcasting programming on environmental, issues, health work and conflict management.
  • Capacity building of other organisations to help them better understand environmental issues, education, conflict management and community organisation.
  • Produced tools for environmental communication, prevention and management of conflicts.
  • Ongoing project education/communication for sustainable management of the forest, and prevention and management of conflicts.
  • Transitional justice projects

In February 2015, WALIA took part in a civil society exchange day with the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali, MINUSMA.

Read about Walia in French here and here.

Last updated: September 2016