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Niamey, Niger

Thematic areas

Conflict prevention and early warning
Culture, media & advocacy
Transitional justice and reconciliation

EIRENE is an international ecumenical organisation working for peace and development. It was created in 1957 in Chicago, but later installed its head office in Neuwied, Germany. It began its activities in Niger in 1973 as EIRENE Sahel, and the heart of its work lies in initiatives to protect human rights, promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and support rural development projects. It also supports the local population in its fight against poverty.

Programmes & projects

GENOVICO: Nonviolent conflict management

Regional programme to promote non-violence through capacity building and umbrella organisations. This project places an emphasis on supporting civil society in the following areas: media, extractive resources, peace education, democracy and good governance.

APTE: Self-promotion in Téra, Niger since 2009

Rural development project with majority populations being agro-pastoralists. Bio project - part agroforestery in the area of intervention.

PAPEC: Educational support project for Quranic schools since 2006 (Maradi, Say, Diffa, Tera)

Basic education which aims to support the Quranic schools in their educational efforts through training and literacy projects.

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