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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Human rights
Peace education

The Mouvement des Jeunes pour le Développement et l’Education Citoyenne (Youth Movement for Development and Civic Education, MJDEC) aims to contribute efficiently to the socio-economic development of Niger through the promotion of civic education.

It has the following objectives:

  • Promoting civic education and a culture of citizenship;
  • Actively contributing to the economic and social development in Niger through the promotion of awareness campaigns about sustainable development ;
  • Establishing a framework for tackling povrety and promoting sustainable development by reinforcing members’ capacity to contribute to the debate;
  • Generating debate and campaigns about good governance and democracy;
  • Contributing to the development of a peaceful atmosphere in Niger to ensure the country’s full potential for development.
Civic values, integrity, responsibility, tolerance, solidarity, exchange and participation are MOJEDEC’s guiding principles as it is an apolitical, secular and not-for-profit organisation. However according to its specific objective number 5 MOJEDEC reserves the right to denounce anti-democratic behaviour or any actions against good governance. Under the same objective it also encourages good governance practices in the interest of the Nigerien people.

Last updated: May 2016