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Haseeb Memorial Trust Building, Nasirabad, @ KM, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
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Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Peace education

The South Asia Partnership - Pakistan (SAP-PK) is the Pakistani branch of the South Asia Partnership, a regional network of development organisations that are committed to improving the lives of the South Asian population.

SAP-PK has established the South Asian Peace Alliance (SAPA), and the South Asia Small Arms Network (SASA Net), which both bring together organisations from the region as whole to find ways of addressing issues of peace and security. SAP-PK are also involved with public awareness campaigns, funding research, and providing capacity-building training, to promote the ideas of peaceful development and co-existence.

Under the organisation's "Peace and Livelihood For Rural Poor (PLRP)" programme SAP-PK tackles the problem of extreme poverty and inequality in FATA. The programme promotes the involvement of excluded and disenfranchised  in decision making and governance structures in order to prevent recruitment into militant organisations.

Last updated: May 2010