Thematic areas

Children and youth
Mediation & Dialogue
Transitional justice and reconciliation

The Yeh Hum Naheen Foundation was founded in October 2007, after a song, 'Yeh Hum Naheen', performed by some of the leading musicians in Pakistan, became famous nationwide, leading to an unprecedented anti-terrorism movement.

The Foundation was established to:

  • promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence in Pakistan;
  • reinforce the point that Islam is a peaceful faith that promotes tolerance and harmony;
  • develop and awareness among people regarding the issue of the growing radicalisation of Pakistan's young people;
  • and to promote better understanding and co-existence of Muslims around the world among non-Muslim communities.
The 'Yeh Hum Naheen' song is a production of leading singers and bands of Pakistan. Some renowned stars from showbusiness in Pakistan have also issued testimonials supporting the movement. Media campaigns were also vital in establishing the reputation of the Foundation.

Last updated: December 2017