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KG 688 St,Kacyiru, Kigali-Rwanda
+250 788 308 964

Thematic areas

Human rights
Women, Peace and Security

The Youth Association for Human Rights Promotion and Development / Association de la Jeunesse pour la Promotion des Droits de l’Homme et le Développement (AJPRODHO – JIJUKIRWA) works to improve the situation of young people and children in Rwanda through human rights promotion, protection, research, advocacy, economic empowerment and civil society support. AJPRODHO was founded in 1996 at the National University of Rwanda, as a response to the Rwandan Genocide, in order to protect future students from similar forms of manipulation.


The work of AJPRODHO covers a number of areas:

  • Awareness raising, especially on gender related laws, young people's rights, children's rights, anti-corruption, and the fight against injustice. A number of human rights clubs and debate clubs have been established in schools.
  • Providing legal aid and representation of juvenile delinquents held in custody. Legal assistance is given to vulnerable people, particularly young people, children and female victims of violence.
  • Advocacy for young people by campaigning on human rights issues, and against all forms of violence. This is equally done by influencing national policies.
  • Networking with other human rights institutions and organisations in Rwanda and East Africa.
  • Monitoring cases of human rights violations against young people.

Last updated: December 2017