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Conflicts: Sudan

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Thematic areas

Children and youth
Conflict prevention and early warning
Mediation & Dialogue
Women, Peace and Security

The Turath Organisation for Human Development helps to resolve local tribal conflicts around resources and conducts capacity building training and education focussing on young people and women. Turath aims to promote rights and development at the community level, improving the position of women by giving them the skills to help themselves.

Activities include workshops on capacity building and conflict resolution, education programmes, and seminars on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that look at its principles and how people will benefit from this agreement.

Conflict resolution between the Golfan and Hawazma tribes

The Golfan and Hawazma tribes have a reoccurring conflict over water resources and livestock rearing areas. Generally receiving little attention from the government, disagreements have periodically led to violence. For just over two weeks in 2007 Turath was involved in direct conflict resolution between the two tribes. A group of volunteers that had participated in similar conflict resolution activities were chosen to form a problem-solving group and mediate between the two sides. They went into each community to talk and, crucially, listen to grievances, and to look for areas of potential cooperation. Meetings, workshops and discussions were held with each group individually to elaborate on the points of cooperation before the two groups were brought together in a series of workshops on peace and coexistence, ending in the signing of a written agreement.

Last updated: February 2015