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Qendra Multimedia Kosovo

Conflicts: Western Balkans

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Idriz Gjilani 7/9-1, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
+377 44 186 393, +381 38 555 799

Thematic areas

Children and youth
Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation

With over 100 cultural projects realized in Kosovo and other places in Europe, Qendra Multimedia is one of the most active cultural organizations in the region. Lots of the past projects, as well as the current ones target a broad, general audience, though in many projects, the focus is specifically on youth.

Some of the main long-term projects that the organization has initiated and developed independently or in cooperation with partner organizations in recent years, are International Literature Festival Polip, Forum Theatre in Kosovo, New Politics of Solidarity, Kosovar History, Play for All, Balcan Can Contemporary; RAE Festival, etc.

In 2002 Qendra Multimedia Kosovo established the Centre for Children's Theatre Development (CCTD). CCTD works with children, engaging them with society’s most pressing issues through drama, teaching them about their rights, democracy and reconciliation, and in doing so exploring on stage the actual problems that preoccupy children and young people living in Kosovo today. One of their most ambitious projects in 2005 and 2006 was the theatre performance 'The Longest Winter', an Albanian–Serbian project about missing persons from the Kosovo War. And, in 2006, the organisation was nominated for the 'Paris-Europa' award, which is given by the French company 'Maison d'Europe et d'Orient' for the most innovative and successful theatre companies in Europe.

Actors’ Creativity

Markus Zohner is a leading figure in independent theatre, and heads an international campaign for development of theatres. For a week, nine young professional Kosovan actors from CCTD gathered skills and knowledge from the original acting method of Mr Zohner. This training will serve as a preparatory phase for the next CCTD project: producing a new theatre performance for young people in Kosovo. CCTD's intention is to create a theatre show which will present Kosovo and its culture to international audiences as well as local ones. This initiative will allow people from abroad to receive correct information about life in Kosovo and as well as educating their multi-ethnic theatre group.

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