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Thematic areas

Transitional justice and reconciliation

Centre for Democracy and Transitional Justice (CDTJ) promotes and supports the process of transitional justice, establishment  of the rule of law and building a democratic society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among the goals and activities of the organisation are:

  • promotion of and support to ideas, interests and people/groups committed to creation of a more humane, more democratic, more fair and wealthier society;
  • promotion of transitional justice principles;
  • promotion of and support to the establishment of the rule of law;
  • promotion of and support to the building of a democratic society and lasting peace in B&H and the region;
  • promotion of the protection of fundamental rights, freedoms and interests of citizens, as well as of vulnerable and marginalized social groups; and
  • promotion of high standards of democracy and good practice in the field of human rights.


Strengthening RECOM process

In partnership with the EU, CDTJ has worked since 2011 to strengthen and support the "RECOM process". The process intends to uncover the facts about recent war crimes committed in the Western Balkans. As part of CDTJ's work to support the process the organisation has:

  • Conducted public advocacy campaigns to support RECOM process
  • Participated in the research on the status of transitional justice in the region
  • Participated in debates.

Mapping detention camps and other detention facilities in BiH, 1992-1995

Since 2013, CDTJ has been documented the locations of former detention facilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and recording the experiences of former inmates.

Main achievements

  • 46,000 signatures of support for RECOM process in Republika Srpska (RS) collected (May- July 2011). Additionally around 500 signatures have been collected in 2013-2015
  • Promotion of the principles of transitional justice and opening a dialogue on transitional justice, facing with the past, culture of remembrance and reconciliation in Banja Luka and Republika Srpska
  • Establishing links of cooperation with various NGOs in BiH and the region
  • CDTJ team drafted 111 profiles of detention facilities
  • CDTJ team met and interviewed 212 former detention camp inmates

Last updated: October 2016