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Svetozara Markovića 37/2, Leskovac

Thematic areas

Conflict prevention and early warning
Human rights
Transitional justice and reconciliation

Committee for Human Rights (CHR) Leskovac was established to help restore peace in the Western Balkans by aiding processes of dealing with the past. CHR Leskovac is located in south Serbia, near the border with Kosovo. The key goals of CHR Leskovac are to facilitate conditions which would enable Serbs and Albanians in this part of Serbia to live together in peace and harmony.


CHR Leskovac has been consistently involved in peacebuilding efforts, attempts at strengthening the cooperation between Serbs and Albanians and protecting the rights of the Albanian national minority in Serbia through free legal aid.

One of CHR Leskovac's most significant achievements is the project "Kosovo problem – truth and delusion", simultaneously implemented in Serbia and Kosovo. CHR Leskovac is the only Serbian organisations directly cooperating with Kosovo Ombudsman's Office, providing legal aid to both Serbs in Kosovo and Albanians from Serbia and Kosovo.

CHR Leskovac also organised a series of talks with former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, as well as with former members of Serbian military forces. 

An example of CHR in action

Following a request to the Kosovo's Ombusman Office, CHR Leskovac learned about 56 men of Albanian nationality who were imprisoned in Vranje, Leskovac and Nis without solid legal grounding, but rather because they were Albanians. Through their intervention, and with the assistance of OSCE Mission in Serbia, CHR managed to have the men released and provided them with adequate transport back to Pristina.

Last updated: June 2015