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Citizens’ Association “Budućnost”, Živojina Mišića 4a, 74 480 Modriča, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 53 820 701

Thematic areas

Peace education

Citizens' Association 'Budućnost' is a civil society organisation that supports and encourages the creation of a democratic society, advocating for the rights and interests of all marginalised groups, particularly women and children.

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The main goal of Budućnost is to contribute to the development and strengthening of civil society. To do this, it promotes civic values and civic education – especially of women, children and young people – pertinent legislation, and the prevention of violence against women and children, in cooperation with competent institutions. Other activities include working to prevent drug addiction and criminal behaviour among young people, promoting human and social rights, and developing Bosnia Nad Herzegovina's political culture and tolerance, with a particular emphasis on women's rights.

The focus of the organisation’s work in the coming years will be on expanding peace activities – at the state and regional levels.

Main activities

Safety in Women’s Way is a project aimed at developing sustainable and effective mechanisms for the continuous monitoring and implementation of the National Action Plan 1325 in Bosnia. It is working to identify local priorities and obstacles to the safety of women at a local level.

Main achievements

Budućnost believes that its greatest success so far is its work to remove ethnic barriers among women in local communities, which ahs contributed to overall peacebuilding efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Other key achievements include political work with women, advocacy activities focused on the adoption of relevant laws, acts and policies, and work on the prevention of domestic violence and protection victims of domestic violence.

With Budućnost operating in a small town, far from the centres of political power, one of its biggest achievements perservering and thriving for 19 years. It has earned recognition across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Budućnostis certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Last updated: December 2015