International Forum Bosnia (IFB)

Conflicts: Western Balkans

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Sime Milutinovića 10 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
00387 33 217 670, 217 665

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Children and youth
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The International Forum Bosnia (IFB) is a non-governmental organisation working to bridge divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to create an inclusive and peaceful society. It was founded in 1997 in Sarajevo.

Its first goal is to overcome divisive political and social ideologies based on ethnicity or religion, which have been underlying causes of mistrust, intolerance, and social exclusion, and major generators of social tension and conflict in the region. The second goal involves the systematic development and promotion of a new vision of social development that is free from fear, hostilities, and tensions.

IFB seeks to contribute to a new understanding of Bosnian unity in diversity through a long-term research project covering all aspects of society, especially geopolitics, education, cultural and religious traditions and dialogue, environmental and ecological perspectives, advanced and information technologies, energy policy and responsible use of natural and renewable resources, gender issues, regional co-operation, distributive justice, sustainable development, the rule of law, human rights, and social inclusion.

IFB organises educational gatherings, such as workshops, panels, symposia, conferences, public lectures, exhibitions, and presentation of significant perspectives on culture, society, scholarship, and politics related to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its place in the world through its journal Forum Bosnae.

Some of its projects include:

  • International Conference Unity and Plurality in Europe
  • International Youth and Heritage Summer Camp: ĆUPRIJA
  • International Summer School
  • Project "Bosnia: research and development" (BOSRED)

Last updated: June 2015