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Dardania I, Gjilan, 60000, Rep. of Kosovo
049 700 536, 044 446 186

Thematic areas

Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Women, Peace and Security

OJQ Gruaja Hyjnore works to empower women and advance their position in Kosovan society through psycho-social support, education, improvements in access to healthcare, and raising awareness of rights and gender equality.


Activities are organised mainly through workshops with women and include:

  • Psycho-social workshops, where women were offered professional help through one on one or group sessions;
  • Creative-relaxing workshops, where women were offered emotional support through creative work such as embroidery;
  • Workshops for primary health education and medical prevention;
  • Workshops on women's awareness of their rights and knowledge on gender equality;
  • Business training, micro-economic programs, and sale of handicrafts to improve the economic situation of women;

Main projects and achievements:

  • Raising awareness among women about the possibility of a better life - such as health education in rural areas.
  • Empowering women and girls to gain new skills.
  • Empowerment of women in the region of Gjilan.

Last updated: March 2015