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Jug Bogdanova 18/5, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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Culture, media & advocacy
Human rights
Peace education
Transitional justice and reconciliation
Women, Peace and Security

Founded in 1991, Women in Black, is a network of women dedicated to peacebuilding activities. It is active across the Balkans, and has organised over 700 different projects in the region, including mass non-violent protests against the Balkan wars and the Milosevic dictatorship. Their goals are to raise the visibility of non-violent resistence to all aspects of violence and discrimination towards women, and to prevent, and resolve, conflicts through dialogue by promoting the participation of women in the process of peacebuilding.

Women in Black is active internationally, they have established the International Network of Women in Black, are active members of numerous international peace networks, and have received international recognition including the first Millennium Peace Prize for Women from UNIFEM and a number of Nobel Peace Prize nominations. They are active in demanding a confrontation with the region’s turbulent past, calling for justice, reconcilia tion, and transparency, in order for the region to break from its violent, criminal past and move toward a culture of peace. To this end, they have arranged various actions, including mass protests, memorials and peace education programmes, to promote their cause.

On 11 July 2015, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide, Women in Black submited an open letter to the Serbian President and the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, and staged an action "Look at Yourself, Serbia! 20 Years - 20 Mirrors", demanding this date be declared the Rememberance Day of the Genocide in Srebrenica by the Serbian authorities.

Last updated: June 2015