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Episkopa Nikolaja Velimirovića 9, 76100 Brčko Distrikt
+387 49 218 524

Thematic areas

Children and youth

Youth Center Vermont is a youth association established in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993. The main focus of the organisation is youth education, as well as the improvement of the position of young people in the Brčko District. It works with and for young people on a number of social, economic, humanitarian, and cultural issues.



  • Providing alternative forms of youth education
  • Protection of children and children's rights
  • Improving the position of young people in society
  • Charity work, cultural and artistic engagement of young people, preventive medical and psychosocial care, etc.

Major achievements

In the past twenty years, Vermont has developed its capacities in the following five areas:

  1. Health prevention
  2. Improvement of social and economic status of youth
  3. Cultural events for young people
  4. IT skills trainings for young people
  5. Advocacy and lobbying techniques
Through the implementation of the project supported by the Delegation of the European Union in BiH, the youth center Vermont successfully established a network of 16 member organisations under the project 'Resource centre'. Through this project, a significant number of network members were trained and educated. One of them was also granted support by the EU Delegation.

Last updated: June 2015