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The UN Security Council and Conflict Prevention: A Primer

This report by the International Peace Institute aims to contribute to on-going discussions on the Security Council's work on conflict prevention. It seeks to understand firstly what conflict prevention is, and secondly how and why it is being applied and examined at this moment by the Security Council.

Peace Maybe: Joint Evaluation Of Conflict Prevention And Peacebuilding in DRC

The Peace Maybe report was produced by a panel of bilateral donors to examine peacebuilding and conflict prevention policies in North and South Kivu Provinces and the Ituri district of the DRC. It examines 51 projects between 2002 and 2010 across five cross cutting themes: Humanitarian aid and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence; justice; security sector reform and demobilization; mineral exploitation; and capacity building. Notably,  recommendation 3 of the report is to ''Adopt a new relationship with the Government of DRC, and create true partnerships at the local level".

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa: Preventing Conflict and Enhancing Stability

The  African Center for Strategic Studies looks at alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a way to bring justice to African societies when formal recourse to the law is unavailable or very slow. It backs creating legislation to support ADR, and broadening the number and quality of ADR mediators.

Selective Outrage: The Dangers of Children's DDR in Eastern DRC

The image of child soldiers in Africa is a powerful and well known one that arouses intense emotive responses. In this article the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research examines the reality of DDR for child soldiers in the Eastern DRC, showing that it is far removed from popular perceptions.

Discussing Security Promotion in South Sudan

Following the report ''Security Promotion Seen from Below: Experiences in South Sudan'', the Peace Security and Development Network has produced a Policy Brief focused on the local security context, community security and security promotion initiatives such as DDR, Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) control. The research looks at the interventions taking place, and investigates their contribution to the improvement of security at the grassroots level.

Conflict trends 3: Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Nexus

ACCORD, the African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, explores the differences and interactions of peacebuilding and peacekeeping in Conflict Trends Issue 3. Using case studies of Liberia, Chad, South Sudan, and the UNMIL mission, it examines gender, local partnerships, hybrid political orders, violence, civil-military coordination, and the perspectives of practitioners in relation to peacebuilding and peacekeeping.

Landscape Analysis of Community-Based Organizations in DR Congo

The Eastern Congo Initiative conducted an analysis of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) across Maniema, North Kivu, Orientale, and South Kivu provinces of the DRC. The Landscape Analysis Report examines five important findings regarding CBOs - their strengths and weaknesses, the differences between urban, rural and conflict zones, and the structural factors that affect funding access and absorption.

ICT in Conflict & Disaster Response and Peacebuilding Crowd Map

This map is an online resource, illustrating who is doing what in Information and Communications Technology and crisis worldwide. It captures the large variety of activities carried out at various levels of society and decision-making. Programme content ranges from policy frameworks to actual technological solutions. The map illustrates the role of civil society organisations, states, multilateral organisations, academia and companies in the field, and the impact IT can have. Christine Broenner and Laura Morris, who produced the map, invite readers to submit their projects to be included on the map.

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