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Behind closed doors: The risk of denying women a voice in determining Afghanistan's future

The Afghan Government and the international community must ensure the rhetoric on women’s rights matches the reality. This means supporting women’s meaningful participation in all peace process initiatives, including through sustained support for women’s organizations and for women’s capacity building to take part in high-level negotiations.

Behind closed doors, from Oxfam, looks at the role of women in the Afghan peace process. Although women’s rights in Afghanistan have greatly advanced in recent years, there are worrying signs that advances are being rolled back, impacting the ability for women to take part in the country’s peace process.

Bahrain: civil society and political imagination

Despite the stalling of the formal dialogue, Bahrain’s traditionally active civil society could make a valuable contribution to sincere efforts to reach a political resolution – if, that is, it were given the political space to do so.

Bahrain: civil society and political imagination, from Chatham House, examines how civil society may be key to providing a new political settlement in Bahrain. This is essential if the grievances that led to protests in recent years are to be resolved.

Masculinities, conflict and peacebuilding: perspectives on men through a gender lens

‘Taking a gender perspective’ is often assumed to mean highlighting the roles, needs, and rights of women and girls … however, truly taking a gender perspective also requires critical examination of the roles and experiences of men and boys in conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Masculinities, conflict and peacebuilding, from Saferworld, looks at the role of masculinity and male gender norms in conflict and peacebuilding. The paper argues for greater attention to be given to looking at men and boys from a gendered perspective, and offers recommendations for best practice and further research.

Insights newsletter - reconciliation

The latest edition of Insights, from USIP, focuses on reconciliation. The newsletter contains an overview of the concept of reconciliation as it relates to peacebuilding, as well as examples of reconciliation in practice in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Conflict Trends 2014/3

The latest edition of Conflict Trends, from Accord, includes articles looking at IT and peacebuilding in Kenya, local peace committees, and the role of agriculture in peacebuilding.

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Blurred lines in South Sudan

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